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Related to projects in "Amsterdam Open City, Innovative Minds"

Sunday May 29, 2016
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 hours
Max. 15 people per walk
Each walk takes approx. 60-90 minutes
English spoken

Walk 1. Historic ties with Europe (related to project 2, Introductory programme for EU Migrants): The city has an introductory programme for EU migrants, which familiarizes Europeans with the city. Excursions to historic heritage sites create a bond with the city and provide concrete information and advice on working and living in Amsterdam. Location: historic city center


Walk 2. Transformation of the inner city (related to project 24 ): Part of Amsterdam’s inner city had degenerated significantly because of fraudulent entrepreneurs and disruptive tourists. Project 1012 (this area’s postcode) transforms this area and introduces new functions that attract a different, more local public. New concept stores and creative undertakings have found their home here. Location: historic city center


Walk 3. Area based, integrated approach to health (related to project 8 Healthy weight through a healthy lifestyle for children): Amsterdam is working with schools and parents to achieve a healthy lifestyle for children. At present, about 30,000 children and youngsters in Amsterdam are still overweight. This integrated long-term programme focuses on good nutrition, plenty of activities and sufficient sleep. This approach is carried out with a broad variety of stakeholders in the city districts. Location: Amsterdam East district

Study Visits

Monday 30 May 2016
Time: 13:30 – 15:30 hours, included transfer
Max. 30 people per visits
English spoken

Study Visit 1: Smart city, 3D printing initiatives in Amsterdam Region

Amsterdam stimulates the fast-growing 3D printing industry, including three top initiatives. The 3D Print Canal House is a design-by-doing project in which an actual-size canalside house is printed live. MX3D is going to print a bridge over one of the canals, using self-developed technology for 3D printing in an open space. 3D Makers Zone is a centre of excellence where innovative companies and teaching institutions collaborate intelligently.

(Location: 3D makerszone, Haarlem Waarderpolder, 20 min. by coach, organised by the City of Amsterdam)


Study Visit 2: Green city, Sustainable area development Houthavens

The new Houthaven residential area (2,500 homes on seven residential islands) is being developed as 100% climate-neutral. All energy that this area requires is generated sustainably and locally. This is made possible by an extension of the renewable district heating grid, and an innovative way of using cold water from the IJ to cool renewably. Alongside the climate-neutral homes under construction, there will also be homes that supply energy.

(Location: 10 min. by coach or 20 min. walking, organised by the City of Amsterdam)


Tuesday 31 May 2016
Time: 14:30- 16:15 hours, included transfer
Max. 30 people per visits
English spoken

Study Visit 4. ERDF Project: VU Imaging centre

​  VUmc is building an international Imaging Centre where the latest medical imaging technologies
  will be brought together. This will give medical specialists a better grounding in the complex
  structures and functions of the human body. This will benefit patients with cancer, Alzheimer’s
  and auto-immune illnesses. The center is home to the European EATRIS programme. 
  (Location: Amsterdam Zuid)



Study Visit 4. ESF project AJAX Challenge

Some young Amsterdammers grow up under tough circumstances. They cannot keep up with the others at school or hang out. Their situation at home may be unstable. Some of them might just need some extra support when it comes to the development of their skills. AFC Ajax and the municipality of Amsterdam established the Ajax challenge in order to support those youngsters. The Ajax challenge teaches young people the true Ajax values and ways of thinking and acting. It is all about overcoming yourself and improving day after day, by taking either small or large steps.